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I want to thank you for the site ..about 8 years ago I was in a pretty bad car accident and the doctors said all I could do at that time was knit so my daughter taught me how..a few year later she gave me an awareness scarf pattern to knit.I did but didn't see what I was doing until it was all done an she show me an almost immediately I could see things an started doing my own. Then she told me about your site..I'm amazed at all of it..I just want to say thank you for being there that I'm not alone..I also want to say I have found a little market for a few,mainly mine it just takes me a lot to do them..that the point I guess..I have created 2 that people seem to like a dancing bear scarf that won me 3rd place in the Pennsylvania State Farm Show for 2013, and a Grateful Dead Steely..again I just want to say thanks..here's a couple shots of the bears..in Glow in the dark yarn..

Samuel Daugherty