©Pat Ashforth & Steve Plummer 2017

©Pat Ashforth & Steve Plummer 2017

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For novice knitters or chart users

Designing illusion knitting patterns involves using pictures, grids and charts so the completed pattern is more likely to be in chart form than it is to be a set of written instructions. Those of you who hate charts, or who find charts difficult to use for one reason or another, might like to convert these charted instructions for illusion knitting to written instructions.

The following information is relevant to the Illusion Knit charts created by Woolly Thoughts. It is not the same as charts used for illusion knitting you may find elsewhere.

Here is a simple illusion knitting chart

The chart is designed to be knitted from the bottom up and shows ridges (2 rows) of knitting.

Every right side row is knit stitches. The stitches on the wrong side rows are shown on the chart as coloured squares or white squares. The coloured squares are knit stitches on the wrong side row and the white squares are purl stitches on the wrong side row.

The colour of yarn alternates from ridge to ridge. In this chart ridge 1 (the bottom ridge) is the light coloured yarn. Ridge 2 is the dark coloured yarn.

The same chart is shown again below with instructions alongside. Remember that each row on the chart represents one ridge (two rows) of knitting.

Continue in this way.