©Pat Ashforth & Steve Plummer 2018

©Pat Ashforth & Steve Plummer 2018

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The patterns on this page contain full details for making the pieces shown. The charts could also be used for making other items

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Rabbit Baby Blanket

Teddy Bear Baby Blanket

Baby Tux Blanket

Panda Baby Blanket

Illusion Shapes Blanket

Duck Baby Blanket

The blankets above are designed to be viewed from the bottom.

Those below are designed to be viewed from the side.

Dinosaur Baby Blanket

Wizard Baby Blanket

Elephant Baby Blanket

Fairy Baby Blanket

Shadow Triangle Cushions

Circle Illusion Cushions

Escher-style Cushions

Confusion Illusion Cushions

She Sells Sea Shells Cushion

Love Hearts Blanket & Cushion

In Pursuit of an Illusion Blanket

Double Vision Squared Blanket

Step Up Blanket

Illusive Butterfly Shawl

Honeycomb Shawl

Harlequin Shawl

Illustriation Shawl

Illusions of Grandeur

Creation of Adam

Eagle Shawl

Shadow Spiral Hat & Scarf

Illusion Tea Cosies

Love Cushion

The Gift of Life

Love Illusion Cushion

Merry Christmas Banner/Scarf

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