©Pat Ashforth & Steve Plummer 2019

©Pat Ashforth & Steve Plummer 2019

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To celebrate the release of the final Harry Potter film, this is an illusion of the more mature Harry. Unlike our previous version, this one is designed to be viewed from the side so is ideal to be worn. It also incorporates the Deathly Hallows symbol.The pattern includes full instructions for making the shawl. The design could also be used as a wall-hanging or a panel for an afghan.

When the shawl is worn and someone looks straight at it they will only see vertical stripes. The picture will be revealed as you start to move around.

When you are wearing the shawl you will be able to look down and see the Deathly Hallows symbols yourself.

The fringe is not essential. The pattern includes instructions for finishing with a plain border to match the top.

This photo shows the shawl before the fringe was added.

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